Detecting biofilms & monitoring the overall water quality in pipe systems.

Our process to becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly.
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01 Process
Agree with our client on an Implementation Plan & Strategic Management Process. 

SOL will:
– Review water systems on site prior to start
– Begin installation on the agreed start date
– Provide weekly Progress Reports
– Provide Completion Report
– Build a Case Study
02 Start
Recommended Installation carried out by SOL on the agreed start date:

- We will install the appropriate monitoring & flushing units depending on the type of Water System in place
- Key Points / High-Risk areas will be fitted with an MX1 Unit (monitors all parameters including Biofilm Levels) - Key Assets will be installed with specific SOL units (e.g Cold Water Storage Tanks will be fitted with MX -CWST Unit.

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- Cooling Towers will be fitted with MX-COOLING Units) that monitor various parts of these systems to comply with Legislation & Guidance
- Others Points / Low-Risk areas will be fitted with MX2, MX3 or AFU1 units depending on requirements (e.g automatic flushing of outlets, temperature monitoring, flow rate monitoring)
- Systems will be committed adequately
- Client will be provided with access to our online SOL portal. This will allow the client to monitor their systems in Real-tine and provide trend anaylysis & alerts.
03 Monitoring & Maintenance
- Train client’s staff on the online monitoring system
- SOL staff to continually review results
- Carry out a case study
- 24/7 operation provides the direction of temperature, Biofilm, flow rates etc. 

- Ongoing maintenance included in the package
- Highly skilled experts
- 24/7 emergency call-out facilities nationwide
04 Goals
The management of Water Systems is of utmost importance to our clients & our aim is to expand the range of choices available through successful implementation of this project.

Waterman believe that the efficacy of the system can be proven in a twelve week period; however, the equipment supplied can remain in-situ for as long as required by our clients.
05 Development
Through this project we will demonstrate how our innovative products and services can assist our clients with becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly. 

We are continually developing our systems to enhance the service delivery to our portfolio of customers and look forward to sharing this journey with our clients.

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